Tanning Beds are Tanning Beds. Right?

Tanning Beds and Bulbs make a difference!


If you are spending money to get tan you want good results, no GREAT results.  Indoor UV tanning is as much about the tanning bed as the time you spend in the bed. A great tanning bed has a few features that can make a big difference.




First, the bed itself can be a factor, the best tanning beds have a curved acrylic which can alleviate pressure points that cause uneven color on the lower back and shoulders.   It’s important that the bed design wraps the bulbs completely around you.   The hinged area can often lack bulbs leaving you noticeably less tan and little you can do about it.


Next, the bulbs are obviously a very important component to tanning.  Not all tanning bulbs are created equal.  Cheap bulbs can be “hot” at first and give you a great tan but they fade quickly and so will your tan.   The quantity of bulbs in a bed along with wattage of the bulb are a key point to understand when picking a tanning package at a salon.   Please take the guidance of the salon staff about the initial tanning times.  We often have tanners coming from other salons who tanned regularly at 10+ minutes and want to hop into one of our new level 4 beds with brand new bulbs and underestimate the intensity of new bulbs.   Todays beds are very sophisticated and can report exactly how many hours are on the bulbs in each bed.  Make sure you get what you pay for and if you are not getting the results you desire you should ask the salon staff about the life of the bulbs.


Salons have levels and packages designed to meet your budget and tanning desires. Good beds and well maintained bulbs are the key to an even, all-over tan that lasts because the UV exposure you get are consistent.  At Tan Elegance we are committed to delivering great results, so you’ll never find a tanning bed with a burnt out bulb or bulbs beyond their useful life.


We have spared no expense to bring you the best beds in the industry and you should expect nothing less.   The tan you wear is a representation of our salon and we pride ourselves on it.

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