Shed some light on your winter blues – spring is near

Its time for spring already!


Once again the weather in Raleigh continues to throw us a curve ball with snow, ice, and frigid temperatures in March. Mark your calendars, the spring equinox arrives at 12:57 p.m. ET on March 20, Raleigh Winter Weather Advisorymarking an official end to a winter.  But for now, I look out the window and wish for warmer temps so I can get to some spring time outdoor activities.  Its not hard to find yourself spending an entire day in the house wondering why we have fallen into the grips of lethargy and gloom.   The cold air outside and the indoor heat has taken its toll on our skin and our mood.


We want to put on shorts, tank tops, and make flip flops our first choice for footwear.  Even though mother nature has us doubting that spring is around the corner we can take matters into our own hands.   Even just a few minutes in a tanning bed the UV rays will perk you up and get you looking and feeling reenergized.  Not to mention, NOW is the perfect time to get a little color.  However, at this time of year your color should be appropriate for early spring.  If you start tanning now with just a few tanning sessions a week for a few minutes per tan you can develop enough color to get you noticed in the right way.   It’s the “something is different about you but I don’t know what it is” effect.  Keeping your color no more than two shades darker than your natural skin tone is a must for a natural beautiful look.  As we get closer to summer changing your lotion or doing some bed hopping will take it to the next level, you will have the golden brown color that says “I’m ready for the beach!”  So while the kids may enjoy their snow day you should do something for yourself.  Dress warm for the ride but be ready to feel the warm relaxing glow you know you need right now.

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