Sunless Tanning: Spray Tan or Airbrush whats the difference?

Sunless spray tanning

Ergoline Sunstyle

Sunless tanning is an instant alternative to sun tanning or UV bed tanning. You have options for applying the sunless tanning solution and there are basically three choices, self tanners, spray tanning, and airbrush.


First, self tanners, you can usually find these at any discount store and they come in sprays, lotions, creams, scents, colors, on and on. If you want a good looking tan this is going to be your most challenging route. There are a variety of manufacturers and finding a product that works well for you is often a trial and error process. Application is a challenge to do by yourself and get good even results in those hard to reach spots, not to mention orange hands.


Moving on… Spray tans are when you step into an automated spray booth system. The technology involved here has come a long way over the years and the results are surprisingly good, it’s a quick process, and the tan lasts about 6-7 days. The better spray booths offer options for Ph and moisturizers and different levels of color. There are 3 spray nozzles to provide all around coverage. The cons for spray tanning in a booth is only that its an automated process, it sprays the same for every body type. The pros for spray tanning are that its fast (3 minutes in the booth), private – no tan lines = no problem, usually less expensive than airbrush, and the results will be consistent and even.


Finally, airbrushing is done by and individual with an airbrush gun. Similar to a spray booth the tanning solution is sprayed on and allowed to dry. The pros, the tech can focus on areas that may need a little more attention and alter the amount of spray in different areas. The cons, usually the most expensive option, takes longer (about 20 minutes for a full body spray), if you don’t want tan lines then you better not be shy, and finally, your results may vary based on the skill and experience level of the spray technician.


There are so many opinions on the topic of spray tanning but we wanted to keep this short and let you share your thoughts. What have you tried? What do you like or dislike about any of these options?


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