Enhance the effectiveness of your sunless tanning session by conditioning your skin and then taking steps to help maintain your sunless tan.


Before your Sunless Session:

Shower – Avoid bar soaps, they can halt the DHA bronzing reaction.  Recommended to wash with Devoted Creations body wash.
Exfoliate – Use an exfoliating body sponge to remove dry, dead skin.
Shave – using ONLY Soap and Water – NO shaving cream as the oils can affect the penetration of the solution through skin
NO Lotion – Do not apply lotions, moisturizers or perfumes prior to your session.
NO Deodorant – Use deodorant sparingly. Avoid if possible.
NO Makeup – It is best not to apply makeup but if you do then remove before your session.
NO Perfumes, body spray or colognes

Bring or wear dark, loose fitting clothing to put on after your session. Tight clothing can smear and possibly rub the solution off your skin.


Help your tan last long and look great:

Avoid Sweating! Immediately after your spray tanning session. Avoid activities that may cause you to sweat excessively to avoid streaking the cosmetic bronzer.
Avoid Swimming & Spas! Avoid chemically treated swimming pools and spas for at least 24 hours after your spray session to prevent color from fading.  This includes manicures and pedicures.
Cleansing – Wait to Shower! For maximum results, wait at least 12 hours before showering or bathing.  Avoid using bar soaps or high pH products – they will strip and fade your tan rapidly. Our body cleansers are designed to hydrate, moisturize and nourish while maintaining the proper pH levels for your skin. Proper cleansing insures even fading and the longest lasting tan.
For best results – After bathing, gently “pat dry” skin. If you must bathe prior to the 12 hour process period use plain water only. The instant cosmetic bronzer will wash off – as it is designed to do.
Tan Extend/Moisturize: The day after your sunless spray session and after your first shower, use Devoted Creations Tan Extending Moisturizing Lotion. This lotion helps keep your tan healthy and skin moisturized while adding refreshing glow each day to your color. It also helps your color fade gradually and evenly.


Tan Elegance has all the products you need to prepare for and maintain your spray tan ask our Tanning Consultant for recommendations.